Sharp Shooter Evolution Benchrest Trigger

The Evolution trigger came to be at the request of many serious benchrest and competition shooters that want to be competitive with Savage rifles. A trigger with a pull weight capable to go down to mere ounces is a must for target shooting. With Savages new offering of competition rifles and target actions, they have created quite a stir amongst the precision shooting crowd.

The Evolution trigger is not just a trigger, but a system of precision fire control. There are many factors that contribute to trigger pull weight, besides the trigger itself. Differences in geometry and tolerance of component parts of the rifle will alter trigger pull and ignition characteristics. To obtain consistency and optimum ignition, these factors need to be standardized. The Evolution trigger is a 3 lever design, utilizing maximum leverage force on the intermediate lever for a minimum load on the trigger engagement surface. The multiplication of load and component travels, dictate that the geometry of the fire control system must be consistent, otherwise a result of tolerance stack up occurs, often multiplying the geometric errors as well.

The Evolution trigger is based on an original Bob Greenleaf design, circa 1997. Bob is a retired design engineer from Savage Arms, who was responsible for most of the major design changes of the model 110 in their first re-vamp in 1966.

The design incorporates its own trigger housing that attaches directly to the receiver, and not on an additional bracket. This eliminated one set of factory tolerances that added to the stack up.

A few revisions in design were required to eliminate excess creep and few others for ease of production; otherwise the basic concept is the same.

For this system to work at the optimum level, the action must be trued and timed for the trigger. We have refined this process into a science. Like all science, every component factor can be given a value, whether in feet, inches, pounds, torque or resistance, something that can be calculated in a formula. When the component factors have the right numbers, the results are very predictable. For this reason, the Evolution trigger is only installed by us, in house. We not only true the action for straightness, concentricity, etc.  We correct the geometry of the sear, cocking ramps, closing ramps and primary extraction. The firing pin spring and sear return spring are replaced by new springs specifically engineered for just for this purpose. This will result in optimum ignition and less effort to cycle the bolt and smoother operation. There is a small amount inletting that must done to the stock to assure clearance of the forward end of the trigger.

Price:  $195.00 (plus shipping)
Price does not include the price of Truing & Timing your action if Fred hasn't already T&T'd it in the past.
Evolution trigger WILL NOT be installed on any action that hasn't been Trued & Timed by Fred - No Exceptions!