Sharp Shooter
Factory Replacement Parts

Due to popular request, we stock a number of parts for most Savage rifles.  This will assist you when making conversions, caliber changes, and general repairs.  Please call us with your specific needs.


Since the recent change over to the new center feed magazines, the system lends itself to be modular, and adaptable to most applications on current rifles. For the blind, detachable and hinged floor plate magazine configurations, the same magazine box is utilized. The blind magazine consists of a box and follower. For the detachable box magazine, it uses the same components, plus a snap on bottom cap.  For the hinged floor plate model, the same components are used in conjunction with a magazine frame with the hinged lid. The detachable box magazine requires the appropriate magazine frame to retain the box. Both the DBM and HFP use the same stock; the inlet is the same for both sets of hardware.

With this in mind, we recently introduced a few new stock patterns to take advantage of the whole system of DBM, blind and HFP rifles.  Now one may start with a blind magazine rifle and upgrade to DBM or HFP by adding the correct components.


DBM or HFP Magazine Frame

Blued:          $68.00
Stainless:      $74.00

DBM Magazine Bottom Cap

Blued         $16.00 
Stainless     $17.00


Complete Push Feed Bolt Head $60.00
Complete Controlled Round Feed Bolt Head $68.00
Complete PPC Bolt Head $75.00
PPC Bolt Head Conversion (using your supplied bolt head) $25.00

We also carry all of the individual  internal parts for bolt heads:  Ejectors, Extractors, Pins, Springs, Balls, etc.  Most all you need for any conversion or repair.

Safety Assembly $7.50
Trigger Bracket $7.50
Trigger Guard - Stainless $22.00
Trigger Guard - Black Matte $20.00
Front Baffle $3.75
Sear $7.50
Firing Pin Assembly $25.00
Blued Action Screw Set (specify stock type) $11.00
Stainless Action Screw Set (specify stock type) $13.00
LRPV Action Screw Set $15.00
Score High Follower (specify short, medium, or long) $14.00
SS Barrel Nut (specify standard or large shank) $17.00
Blued Barrel Nut (specify standard or large shank) $20.00
Black Matte BT-style (RH) $25.00
Black Matte BT-Style (LH) $30.00
Stainless Steel BT-style (RH) $26.00
Stainless Steel BT-style (LH) $31.00
Factory Small Bolt Handle (blued or stainless, LH or RH) $15.00


Due to recent changes at Savage, we request that you call us with your needs for any parts not listed here so we can assure you receive the proper parts for your particular rifle. (419) 695-3179