The Sharp Shooter
Laminate Varmint Tactical Stock

Laminate Varmint Tactical Stock (shown with options)
(Black / Black / Black)

The Sharp Shooter Laminate Varmint-Target stock is the solution if you need a multi-purpose stock.  The LVT features an ergonomic ambidextrous design for comfort and control, a vertical style pistol grip with palm swell and thumb ramp, and a 2-1/2 inch wide semi-flat beavertail forend that offers the perfect compromise for off-hand and bench shooting.  The parallel geometry from the forend to butt stock toe ensure consistent return to battery on bags, while the optional deep butt hook allows for better hand support when shooting with a bipod.

The basic stock comes with no adjustable amenities, nor the accessory rail or butt hook.  These options are available ONLY on the LVT stock and may not be added to any other stock we offer. 



Price:  $349.00


Accessory Rail
add $30.00
Adjustable Comb
add $65.00
Butt Hook
add $25.00