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Customer Acknowledgement

The signature below indicates that I have read, understand, shall comply and accept the terms and conditions as outlined on the Sharp Shooter Supply website.

Furthermore, I avow and attest to be true, all the following:
- I am legally, mentally capable and able to own, possess and/or use firearm(s) for which the purchased item(s) are intended.
- I am educated in, knowledgeable about and practice safe firearm ownership, use and handling at all times.

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Signature and date must be present for all orders to be accepted and processed.

Please provide the following information about your rifle below by circling or indicating information to those that apply:
Model Number:  _________________________ Caliber:  __________________________
Long Action          or          Short Action Right Hand          or          Left Hand
Center Feed          or          Stagger Feed AccuTrigger          or          pre-AccuTrigger
Top/Thumb Bolt Release          or          Trigger Guard Bolt Release
Action Screw Spacing:     4.25"          4.40"          3.44"          5.062"          4.522"
Barrel Shank Size:     Standard Shank (1.055")          or          Large Shank (1.120")


For barrels, please specify your desired caliber, barrel length, shank size, twist rate and model of action the barrel will be used with.  Be sure to provide a full description to ensure you receive the correct product.  Also, specify whether your rifle is pre- or post-AccuTrigger, center-feed or staggered-feed, long or short action, large or small shank. and  left or right-hand.  Please be sure to include all service fee's and shipping charges that will apply to your order to prevent your shipment from being delayed.  This information can be found in both our catalog and on our website.  No orders will be shipped prior to receiving full payment for products and services requested.
Product Description Qty Price Total
Payment Method
  Money Order          Personal Check      Visa      Mastercard

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Service Fees:
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See available discounts at bottom of page
Ohio Sales Tax:  (6.75%)
Only Ohio residents are required to pay sales tax
Shipping cost is not to be included when calculating applicable  discounts.
Total: $
Available Discounts:
4% invoice total for all orders postal mailed WITH SIGNED order form from website for credit card orders.
8% for invoice total for all orders postal mailed WITH SIGNED order form from website and with postal money orders.
5% for invoice total for all orders postal mailed WITH SIGNED order form from website and with personal checks. There will be a $50 charge for all returned checks. Product will not ship until check clears our bank.
Free shipping and discounts apply for all orders placed by postal mail and paid for by check or money order when invoice total is over $500.
Free shipping for military persons.